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Brendan Bache




Welcome to Brendan Bache drums, the place to be for all your live, studio and drum teaching needs

Drummer, percussionist and educator with 16 years experience gigging, recording and teaching. 

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Brendan Bache

Rock / Pop / Hiphop / Funk / Reggae / Jazz / Latin / Latin percussion / Transcription

A passionate drummer with over 15 years experience gigging, recording and teaching, Brendan has earned a reputation as a highly respected performer and educator.

Brendan is an accomplished drummer and percussionist whose musical journey started at the age of 8 when his parents bought his first drum kit. Having earned 1st Class Honours degree in Popular and World Music from the University of Leeds in 2013, Brendan has spent the past decade establishing himself as a versatile drummer and percussionist in the Leeds music scene. Aside from his live work he has contributed on albums like the soundtracks for "House Of Cardin" and "My Name Is Lopez," playing both drum kit and percussion. Beyond his musical endeavours, Brendan is a dedicated teacher, sharing his expertise both privately and in local schools in Leeds, where he inspires and nurtures aspiring drummers. His meticulous eye for detail is evident in his commissioned transcription of Marco Minneman's intricate drum part in the Aristocrats album "Culture Clash." Brendan's unwavering passion and relentless commitment to his craft have made him a respected and sought-after drummer and percussionist, admired for his musical prowess and dedication to his art.

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“After all Brendan’s brilliant teaching , my son has just joined an established band and the level he is able to play at is all thanks to Brendan.”

Lucy Swindlehurst - parent of student

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