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Check out some of Brendan's musical projects, past and present. 


Toco Madera

Toco Madera combine the improvisational and structural elements of contemporary jazz with the rich rhythmic elements of Latin American traditional music in their own original compositions.

Tom Sharp: Trumpet / Jack Chandler: Alto Saxophone / Jess Clarke: Vibraphone / Matthew Aplin: Piano / Sam Dutton-Taylor: Bass Guitar /

Brendan Bache: Drums and Percussion



Mestisa is a project that truly reflects the diversity of Latin America. Fronted by Ana Luisa Muñoz from Chile and half Bolivian, half German Barbara Kempf the band plays a diverse array of songs from all over the Americas. 

Barbara Kempf: Vocals, Guitar, Charango, Percussion / Ana Luisa Muñoz Del Valle: Vocals, Guitar, Cuatro, Percussion / Mike Sandell: Bass Guitar / Brendan Bache: Percussion


Catimba bring you the finest brazilian jazz, funk and MPB!



Ayana has travelled through space and time to bring you the songs of the spirits, Mulatu Astatke, Sun Ra and sounds of their own creation. Expect spacial rumblings and prepare to embrace the cosmos.

Tom Sharp: Trumpet / Jack Chandler: Alto Saxophone / Ben Powling: Tenor Saxophone / Matias Reed: Electric Guitar / Matthew Aplin: Piano / Sam Dutton-Taylor: Bass Guitar / Brendan Bache: Drums and Percussion


Sontuno bring you some of Cubas most beloved son and salsa tunes.

Tom Sharp: Trumpet and vocals / James Moffat: Tres / Sam Jackson: Double bass / Brendan Bache: Percussion and vocals

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